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Bianca's Historic Costumes - the exquisite in Historic Costuming
We work solely by appointment which is why you won't find our address here.
We are located in east Long Beach, California
Please call for your fitting at 562-235-8887
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Looking for costumes to buy? Check out our Etsy and eBay stores by clicking the pictures below. 


L-R top row are Kendra, Thomas, Peter, Meg, Steve, Jefferson. L-R bottom are Stormy, me, Bob. Ray Kula, Diane, Liberte' were busy playing music.

Here are some Pirates. We were fluff, accompanying Kapt. Kula’s Pyrate Party Band on the Santa Monica Pier for their annual Special Olympics Fundraiser on Sunday October 5, 2008. Maria Shriver was there and Dick Reardon. Our costumes are Peter in the tall “King Charles” hat and me sitting in the red dress. The rest are the best pirates in Southern California in their own awesome gear. This Is Kapt. Kula.
You found it. This is the place that rents incredible costumes that were only available before if you had them custom made. You can rent costumes for a fraction of the cost to have one built. Renting allows you to wear a different costume for each event, year after year.

Welcome to our Site

At Bianca's Historic Costumes you will find the truly opulent in historically inspired attire. We have a rental stock of one-of-a-kind, high end items as well as fabulous catalogs for your purchase of ready-made costumes. We only rent full costumes. The majority of our costumes are for adult rentals, but we do have an impressive stock of costumes for middle school students’ Book Reports, Wax Museum and school Renaissance Faires. We also design and build custom costumes for you.

We work solely by appointment to insure your custom fit. We are very flexible and closed only on Sundays.

At Bianca's we make you look like you would had you lived in another time. Our favorite eras range from Egyptian to Roaring 20's, with an emphasis (at this time) on Renaissance, Rococo and Victorian. We have both nobles and peasants. We're adding items constantly and it is our desire to have each era stocked with a large selection of sizes.

Our costumes come with appropriate wigs, hats and crowns. We carry gloves, fans, wigs, masks, mustaches and novelty stockings for purchase to enhance your rental costume. We choose all items we carry carefully with an eye to quality in the unique and historically inspired

Debra Agbalog trusted us with her costuming needs for her role as Empress Maria of Austria. She has been a blessing to our company. Here she is in the 2007 costume we made for her.

Costume we built for Bruce Gormley for his Renaissance Faire persona, Maximillian II, Holy Roman Emperor.

Jerry Anderson also a member of the Spanish Royal Court wearing his new costume for his role as Álvaro de Bazán, Spanish Admiral
Scott Gleason in his attyre we built for his role as King Phillip II of
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