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We work solely by appointment which is why you won't find our address here.
We are located in east Long Beach, California
Please call for your fitting at 562-235-8887
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Ah, the Victorian Era. Named after Queen Victoria of England, the fashion era spans her lifetime. The era begins with the Crinoline Period (1850-1869). Think of Gone with the Wind, with full gowns with enormous sweeps to accommodate the enormous hoop skirts and crinolines. Then we move to the Bustle Period and the Gay Nineties(1870 to 1900) which included the Aesthetic Period the Belle Epoch. Did you know there are three movement to the Bustle Period? Roughly between 1870 and 1878 the bustle was created by draping a large amount of fabric around the side and piled high in the back part of the skirt. Later between 1878 and 1883 a bodice known as the cuirass bodice was created. It's form created a silhouette a  very fitted garment that extended below the waist. We use the cuirass bodice for many of our gowns, especially for our Steampunk dresses. This movement lent a look of sleekness. The final movement was from 1884 to 1890 or so and was evidenced by the "cage" bustles that were attached to the woman's waist. The gown was designed to accommodate the bustle.

Our gowns are historcialy inspired so you wont find bustles, rather we design our gowns with boning and fabric to create the bustle. They're beautiful. We have evening gowns, day dresses, Tombstone style garments and Steampunk.

Please be sure to scroll to the bottom to view our kids' collection of costumes.

We have many more costumes that have not yet been photographed, but this give you an idea of who we are and what you can rent.

CHEST:54" WAIST:30-44"
CHEST:46" WAIST:30-40"









CHEST:39-40" R WAIST:34-38"
CHEST:44" WAIST:38-40"

CHEST:38-40" WAIST:32-36"
BUST:30" WAIST:30"


BUST:40-43" WAIST:32-35"

BUST:36" WAIST:32"

BUST:38" WAIST:30-32"
BUST:36" WAIST:32"

BUST:34" WAIST:30"

BUST:32" WAIST:34"

BUST:31" WAIST:30-32"

BUST:38" WAIST:35"

BUST:40-42" WAIST:32"
BUST:36" WAIST:34"

BUST:32" WAIST:28"

BUST:36" WAIST:30-32"

BUST:38" WAIST:34"

BUST:37" WAIST:31"

BUST:31" WAIST:29"

BUST:37" WAIST:33"

BUST:36" WAIST:34"


BUST:48" WAIST:48"

BUST:32" WAIST:38"
BUST:34" WAIST:28"
BUST:34" WAIST:28"

BUST:38" WAIST:36"

BUST:40" WAIST:30"
BUST:32" WAIST:28"

BUST:36" WAIST:30"

BUST:36" WAIST:32"

BUST:40" WAIST:32"

BUST:40" WAIST:30"

BUST:34" WAIST:26"

BUST:32" WAIST:30-32"

BUST:36" WAIST:28"


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