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After the Revolution in France and the U.S. the Empire, or Directoire era began.  Also known as the Regency Period in England after the Prince Regent there.  This era lasted very few years (1790-1820) but the high waisted style endures.  Please note that the silhouette has been repeated throughout fashion history.  First time we notice it is in ancient Egypt with the Kalasaris and Sheath dresses, then in ancient Greece with the Chiton, the Regency, then again in the 1970's with the Granny Dress.

We have gowns such as romanticized in Jane Austen's novels as well as gowns worn in France and other southern continental Europe.   We add to our stock often so please keep coming back.

CHEST:40-42" WAIST:32-36"
BUST:32" RIB:32"

BUST:32" RIB:26"

BUST:34" RIB:30"

 BUST:30-32" RIB:28-30"

BUST:34" RIB:34"
BUST:36" RIB:34"

BUST:32" RIB:32"
BUST:36" RIB:34"

BUST:36-38" RIB:36-38"

BUST:50" RIB:44"

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