Bianca's Historic Costumes - the exquisite in Historic Costuming
We work solely by appointment which is why you won't find our address here.
We are located in east Long Beach, California
Please call for your fitting at 562-235-8887
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The 18th Century was a continuation of extravagance in dress by those who could afford to spend money on sumptuous garments.  Those persons at court or of the noble class were required to dress according to their rank.  These days, all you have to do is to come to Bianca's to rent some of the very best Rococo/Colonial garments available.  All costumes come complete with everything except shoes.  For men, our costumes come with shoe buckle covers.  Wigs or hats included. 

We have many more costumes that have not yet been photographed. 

Please be sure scroll to bottom to see our Kid's Rococo Collection.



BUST:35" WAIST:31" 
BUST:32" WAIST:30"


BUST:34" WAIST: 28"


BUST:32" WAIST:28"

CHEST: 42"

CHEST:42-46" WAIST:41" 

BUST:38" WAIST:34"

BUST:34" WAIST:26"

BUST:40" WAIST:38" 
BUST:38" WAIST:32"

BUST:32" WAIST:24"

BUST:36" WAIST:28" 

BUST:34" WAIST:30"

BUST:36" WAIST:28" 

         BUST:30" WAIST:28"

BUST:36" WAIST:32" 

CHEST:44" WAIST: 36"

BUST:32" WAIST:30" 

BUST:34" WAIST:30" 

BUST:30" WAIST:30"
CHEST:42" WAIST: 42"

BUST:32" WAIST:28" 

BUST:34" WAIST:38"

CHEST:38 WAIST: 36"     CHEST:42" WAIST:46"         CHEST: 44-46" WAIST: 42"


                                BUST:36" WAIST: 31"      BUST:29" WAIST:27"          BUST:34" WAIST:38-40" 


       BUST:48" WAIST:44"    BUST: 40" WAIST: 35" BUST:42" WAIST:38" 


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