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We work solely by appointment which is why you won't find our address here.
We are located in east Long Beach, California
Please call for your fitting at 562-235-8887
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The 1920's was a time of freedom in fashion for women.  Gone were the constricting corsets women had to endure since the Renaissance.  Women wore free fitting frocks that fit the free, new lives.  We have many flapper type dresses as well as evening gowns.  We have a few day dresses for this period.  For men, we have the always popular "Putting on the Ritz" look sporting tuxedos, vests, ties, spats, satin top hats.  Gangsters are a great way to go as well.  Although not historically accurate, lots of our customers love to wear our stunning black with white striped "Zoot Suits", which come complete with suit, pant includes gold chain, shirt, tie and hat. 

We have many more costumes in the era that have not yet been photographed.



 CHEST:42" WAIST:36"

CHEST:40-42" WAIST:26-32"


CHEST:42-44" WAIST:34-36"


CHEST:42-44" WAIST:36-38"


BUST:26-32" WAIST:30-36"

BUST:32-40" WAIST:28-36"

BUST:30-34" WAIST:30"

BUST:44" WAIST:42"

BUST:34-40" WAIST:28-36"


BUST:42" WAIST:36"
BUST:36" WAIST:36"

BUST:46" WAIST:46"

BUST:36-40" WAIST:35-39"

BUST:54" WAIST:56"
BUST:30-42" WAIST:32-38"

BUST:32-34" WAIST:26-30"

BUST:32-36" WAIST:26-28"
BUST:38-40" WAIST:38-40"

BUST:38-40" WAIST:38-40"

BUST:30-32" WAIST:28-30"

BUST:35" WAIST:32"

BUST:56" WAIST:50"
BUST:40" WAIST:38"
BUST:28-34" WAIST:27-34"

 BUST:36-38" WAIST:32-34"

BUST:36-40" WAIST:35-39"

BUST:36-42" WAIST:30-34"

BUST:30-34" WAIST:28-32"
BUST:35-39" WAIST:31-35"
BUST:36-40" WAIST:35-39"

BUST:44" WAIST:42"

BUST:30" WAIST:28"

BUST:36-42" WAIST:32-37"


BUST:40" WAIST:30-36"

BUST:36-42" WAIST:32-37"

BUST:40" WAIST:30-36"


BUST:32-40" WAIST:28-36"

BUST:34-40" WAIST:30-36"

BUST:32-35" WAIST:28-31"


BUST:42" WAIST:40"

BUST:48" WAIST:46"

BUST:38" WAIST:36"


BUST:44" WAIST:48"

BUST:35-39" WAIST:31-35"

BUST:32-44" WAIST:30-41"


BUST:30" WAIST:30"


BUST:40" WAIST:40"

BUST:42" WAIST:42"

BUST:40" WAIST:32"

BUST:42" WAIST:38"

BUST:38" WAIST:38"

BUST:36" WAIST:32"

BUST:37" WAIST:32"


BUST:42" WAIST:34"
BUST:32" WAIST:28"
BUST:42" WAIST:35"
BUST:46" WAIST:40"
BUST:44" WAIST:40"

BUST:37" WAIST:33"
BUST:42" WAIST:36"

BUST:38" WAIST:33"
BUST:44" WAIST:40"
BUST:40" WAIST:33"
BUST:46" WAIST:43"

BUST:40" WAIST:34"

BUST:42" WAIST:42"

BUST:46" WAIST:48"
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