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The Renaissance Era follows the Medieval Period.  Our costumes range from years 1400 to 1600.  During this era Henry VIII and Elizabeth I reigned in England.  The De Medici's and Leonardo da Vinci were busy in the Italian state of Florence.  Phillip I was on the Spanish Throne.  So, the era contains The Tudor Period.

Clothing from this era include doublets, slops, trunkhose, venetian pants, flat caps, bodices, chemises, capotain hats, snoods, half capes for men, picadils, breeches, ropas.

                    Chest 42"  Waist 36"                                   Chest 43"  Waist 35"                                  Chest 50"   Waist 46"
Doublet, Slops, tights, hat                            Doublet, slops, tights, hat                           Doublet, Slops, tights, hat (not shown)

        Chest 52"  Waist  50"                             Chest: 46"   Waist: 46" Chest:  42-44"  Waist:  34-36" 
        Chest 44"     Waist:  34-35"                             Chest 42"   Waist: 36"                          Chest 44"   Waist 40"
        Doublet with attached cuffs,                             Doublet, slops, tights, hat                     Long Doublet, Venetian pants, tights
        slops, tights, hat                                                                                                       hat

        Chest: 46"   Waist: 38-46"                    Chest: 40"  Waist: 34-36"   Chest:  44"   Waist: 38"
        Doublet with detachable                       Doublet, Venetian pants, hat
        sleeves, shirt, hat

           Chest:  42"   Waist: 34"                    Chest: 42-44"  Waist: 36-40"                         Chest: 48"  Waist 42"
           Hat, Shirt, Tights included                 This is a tunic with no pants, tights,               Tights, hat
                                                                 Surcoat (overcoat), hat

        Chest: 40"  Waist 34-38"                                Chest: 34    Waist:  20-30"                   Fits a man large to XL
        Shirt, tights, hat                                             Shirt, tights, hat                                  Tunic underneath, coat, shawl, hat

BUST:34 RIB:32"        BUST:34" WAIST:32"  BUST:30" WAIST:26" 
        Gold "Everafter Gown" Early                        Courtesan: Red raw silk bodice             
        Italian Renaissance gown

Chest: 40" Waist: 34-36" BUST:34" WAIST:30"                BUST:34" WAIST:26"

BUST:34" WAIST:27"  BUST:37" WAIST:34"     BUST:30" WAIST:26"  
        Red velvet gown, drop sleeves                   Courtesan: Over skirt of                               Courtesan: beaded raw silk peacock
                                                                      burgundy Raw silk on beaded bodice             color overgown, applique underskirt
                                                                      copper overlay skirt same as drop sleeve        same as drop sleeve

       Chest: 58"   Waist: up to 64"             BUST:30" WAIST:32"                   BUST:38" WAIST: 30-34" 

BUST:39" WAIST: 32"      CHEST: 46" WAIST: 36" CHEST: 46" WAIST:43"
        Black velvet beaded overgown,
        Green deco beaded skirt, hat, 

      BUST:30" WAIST:26"   Chest: 44" Waist: 34-36"             BUST:36" WAIST:32"  
      Black velvet overgown, beaded           Doublet, matching slops, tights, hat     Black velveteen red beaded overgown,
      black velvet underskirt, snood, hat                                                              beaded silver undergown, hat, accessories

     BUST:36" WAIST:32"                                              The Doge. Tunic, robe, capelet, hat       Joker: Doublet, particolored pant, 
     Courtesan: gold velvet gown, underskirt,                   Fits man large. One size                      ruff. Doublet 40"  Waist: 34"

     Accessories included

     BUST:32" WAIST:28-30"   We have a variety of this type BUST:  34:  WAIST: 32" 
     Green tapestry gown with open                   doublets. This is just a look                 Courtesan: Paprika color velvet overskirt with
     sleeves, green sateen underskirt                  We created to show versatility             gold deco beadedbodice with black chiffon                                                                                                                                  drop sleeves

BUST:40" WAIST:38" BUST:36" WAIST:32"   BUST:31" WAIST:28"  
        Beaded Tapestry overgown with                   Burgundy velveteen bodice                          Courtesan Black velvet beaded
        Purple cabochons, purple underskirt              matching skirt                                            corset, taffeta skirt

        BUST:30 WAIST:32-33"            BUST:33" WAIST:30"          BUST:32" WAIST:28"  
        Black velvet gown with beaded
        sleeves, black velvet underskirt  

        BUST:32" WAIST:28"          BUST:30" WAIST:29"      BUST:32" WAIST:28"  
        Turquoise damask overgown                        Courtesan: purple taffeta                         Courtesan: Red damask overgown
         with pearl beading. Gold                             beaded overgown with drop                     beaded with drop sleeve, gold under
         taffeta underskirt, drop sleeve                     sleeve, sheer overlay skirt on gold            gown with beaded trim

  BUST:34" WAIST:30"    BUST:40" WAIST: 36"   BUST:32" WAIST:27-28"  

  BUST:34" WAIST:26"         BUST:36" WAIST:34"  

     BUST:32" WAIST: 38" 
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