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We work solely by appointment which is why you won't find our address here.
We are located in east Long Beach, California
Please call for your fitting at 562-235-8887
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Our Collection of Medieval Clothing spanning in time from years 800 to 1300.  This era is also called the Middle Ages which began after the fall of the Roman Empire.  Costumes can be used for applications such as Byzantine Era, Cursades, Robin Hood, Knights, Kings, Hamlet, Monks.  Some names of clothing include, Cotehardies, Sideless Gowns (Hell's Windows), Bliaut, tunics, mantles.  Headpieces include barbette, fillet, chapperones, veiled crowns, veils. 

Our costumes are really clothing.  We design and build the majority of our rental stock of costumes.  If you are interested, please call for a fitting appointment.  We offer complimentary, personal fittings for serious rental customers. 

Please be sure to scroll down to bottom to view our Kids' costumes.

We have many more costumes in this era that have not yet been photographed.

BUST:36" WAIST:30"    CHEST:56" WAIST:60"       CHEST:60" WAIST:72"                           

       CHEST:54" WAIST:56" 

     BUST:32" WAIST:30"         BUST:36" WAIST:34" 

     BUST:38" WAIST:48" CHEST:60" WAIST:90"  CHEST:46-48" WAIST:32" 

      CHEST:38-40" WAIST 32-34"               

Peter models our Houppelande with dagged sleeves and a
Chaperon on his head
CHEST:42-46" WAIST:46"

Teal Cotehardie (aka doublet) - come with tights, belt and headpiece
CHEST:46-48" WAIST:42" 

 Long Tunic with fitted sleeves

CHEST:52" WAIST:48" 

CHEST:44" WAIST:38" 

CHEST:56" WAIST:62" 

Erin Kennedy models our Periwinkle Kirtle with fur collar and matching hooded cape
BUST:36" WAIST:30-34" 

Lawrence Kosky in our new Robin Hood made of real suede (does not come with boots, sorry)
CHEST:48" WAIST:36-44"


Brown Monk

one size

Pane Velvet gown with matching cape

  Baroque Satin gown with 
 brown beaded underskirt
BUST:38" WAIST:34"

Deana O'Connell models our "blood red" kirtle.  Comes with belt (girdle) and headpiece
BUST:36" WAIST:42"

I'm modeling our black "angel sleeve" empire gown

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