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The Calendar

All of these events, and the events listed below, can be found in the Mass Historia calendar of dance and history events in Southern California

The Mass Historia Calendar
All the events listed below come from the Mass Historia calendar of dance and history events in Southern California. The calendar contains hundreds of listings, going out to 2017.

 View the full calendar:


 Gaslight Gathering
The owner Bianca Sovich and her husband Peter dressed Steampunk at The Santa Clarita Cowboy Poetry Festival 2011.  There are endless opportunities to wear costumes right her in the greater Los Angeles area.  We would love to get your persona going so you will be the best dressed there - and for a fraction of the cost of buying all the individual pieces. 

San Diego is hosting the Gaslight Gathering, Southern California’s first-ever Steampunk/Victoriana convention. Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction. It blends the Victorian era with the future and explores imagined technologies, such as weapons powered by steam and computers that run on clock gears. It’s also very much about elaborate costumes that range from corsets and skirts to futuristic cowboys.

How to dress Steampunk: Popular items for men include top hats, goggles or round spectacles, pocket watches and long coats with decorative medals, vests and knickers. weapons and elaborate belts. Women tend to also wear top hats as well as corsets, striped stockings, full skirts, parasols and necklaces or pins made from clock parts. But don't let this limit your imagination!

Check out the website for the Gaslight Gathering  We have a appropriate costumes for rent that will make you a major player.


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